Roy L.Harbins Official 'OTHER' Site for The DANG - DInGIE American


This is another Tripod home page for Roy L. Harbin.
It is a 'continuity' site to augment my other Tripod site.

It was created in order to keep down on any skullduggery since I do post in a few message and discussion boards.The other site : is the one I use in my message boards profile.Since the L. is public knowledge this reduces the chances of 'copycatting' or as they say on the boards,'cloning'.
Now,,I will s'so use this site to insure continuity once the space at the 'royharbin' site runs out.

Well actually I should say I use my blog as the link there.That would be this : .
Now,,simply consider that one the official primary one.As I probally will build one for this account as well that would be this : .
(Note*:As of Sun/May6/07 that hasn't been built/published,I will post activation date in this paragraph when it published.)

  Okay,,as of sept8 there has been a design change. This reflects the new direction I am planning for this site.
  I am going to use this as a continuation of the 'royharbin' site.

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